1、Welcome to my live stream, bargain today!
2、Hi new friends, 60% off today, very good price!
3、Hi my dear new friends, how are you guys?


1、Oh,many new friends are coming, follow me,get more freebie guys!
2、New friends! Donft forget to follow me so that you can find me again!
3、Welcome new guys! Anything you like, just tell me and I will show you close up !


1、If this is your first time here and you've just followed our channel type the number "1" into the comments.
2、Anyone from the UK? Let me know please.
3、What time is it in the UK now?
4、Which state are you from?
5、Had dinner?
6、How you spend your weekends?


1、Where you guys from? I really wanna know it. It's amazing to meet you guys from all over the world and get together in my living room. So tell me please.
2、What time in your place guys, my time here is 3pm, tell me yours.
3、What else style you guys like, tell me. I will take all comments here into consideration.


1、Give me 50k likes, then let's play a game, earphone as the prize!
2、I want 100k likes. Could you guys help me to get it? Please.
3、More likes so that more viewers, help me please.
4、More likes so that I can keep offering the best price for you guys.
5、Don't forget tapping the screen and sending me likes!


1、Thank you guys, you guys are so supportivelLove you all!
2、Just because of your support, we can always offer the best price for you guys!
3、You are so nice and lovely, I wanna stay with you guys all the time.


1、Today's live broadcast is coming to an end. It will be broadcast at the same time
tomorrow night-a point/ tomorrow will be broadcast a little earlier at a certain point. I'm going to broadcast it soon. I hope you all have a good night's sleep and a good dream, and work hard tomorrow. See you next time.
2、The anchor will be down in 20 minutes. Thank you very much for your company. I
had a very happy time with you today. The anchor will draw a prize for you at the end,
3、Please remember to follow me. You will receive an automatic reminder next time it
starts, and I will miss you too.


1、Welcome to my livestream friend! I am XXX. and I will bring interesting products to
enlighten your life!
2、Follow me and let's meet interesting things very often!
3、Please follow me and let's make our lives more interesting and relaxing.

1、Thank you for staying here with me. my friends!
2、Our livestream time is from 6pm. To 12 am. every night.
3、Please press the "Follow“ button so that you can find me next time!
4、For those who have followed me, please come to my livestream very often. I want to
see you guys!


1、Look, this simple but elegant product! Anyone who doesn't like this?
2、Do you love this product? It's truly beautiful and adorable right?
3、You can see all the products in my livestream are elegant and with reasonable
prices, right?

1、Hi guys, press "1"to let me know you like this dress in me OK?
2、Anyone who wants this free gift? Send me a "want" in the comment OK?
3、lf you' ve learnt the skills, please send me an understood'' to let me know.


1、Now I will show you XXX . Please press "1" to let me show you the left one, and "2" for the right one.
2、Anyone who is interested in the 2 products? press "1" to see the left one, and "2" for the right one.

• 发问式话术——用户参与并引导评论
1、Hi friends, are you skillful enough to use what I showed you?
2、Can anybody here hear my voice? Is my voice volume comfortable for you guys?
3、Anyone who has experience of using this product?


• 教学话术——演示怎么下单购买
1、lf you don't know how to place an order, I will show you, my baby.
2、Press the yellow cart on the bottom left corner and find your product, then press "buy" and make your payment.
3、The earlier you pay, the faster your shipment is.

• 助播话术——配合营造直播氛围
1、How many left?
2、Only 30pcs!
3、Do more today! A lot of new friends today!
4、No. almost out of stock, only 30 left! Ok, Ok₅ hurry up my friends! Go to the yellow cart, find the 1st link! So good price and quality!


• 商品介绍一一场景功能展示(以服饰为例)
1、Wear this skirt for elating to let him feel your softness like spring.
2、Wear this and give him a feeling of “first love".

• 自用推荐一一举例子(以香水为例)
1、This is also my personally used product, so I recommend it to you guys.
2、l have an amazing using experience, and this is why I recommend it to you.
3、I have sniffed dozens of perfumes, and I will only show you the best ones!

1、Five minutes of charging enables more than 10-hour battery hours.
2、This earphone gives you a surround sound experience.

• 活动介绍——强调低价/赠品
1、lt's all bargains in my livestream today! Buy 2 for 3!
2、Our price is even lower than that in the duty-free shop!

• 低价介绍一一团购价
1、Why is this such an amazing price? Because I tried a lot to gain it for you!
2、Our amazing price is because we are having the " group purchasing" opportunity!
3、You can see the popularity in our livestream room! And this is why we can have the group purchasing price!

• 用户共情——消除顾虑
1、Lower the price and you save more! For those who like this product but have worries, please leave a comment and I will contact you ASAP.
2、Send me a message with your worries, and I will help you solve them!
3、For anyone who wants to know more about this product, please leave a message!

• 逼单话术——主播助播搭配
A: Please check how many our stocks are!
B: We donft have too many stocks, just the last 10 !
A: My friends, the last 10! Hurry to buy it now!
B: The last 3 stocks!
A: The last 3 stocks my friends! If you want it, click the bottom left yellow cart now to seize the latest high-quality stocks!
B: The last one left!
A: The last one! Buy it now or never!

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